Tricolor Pasta Salad

pasta salad_270

Food Trend: Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and pasta salad is always on the hit-list of BBQ favorites. And I happen to love pasta…and balsamic vinegar…and the two make an excellent pair. Inspiration: Growing up I always had cold elbow macaroni in my salads that I brought for lunch. I would eat […] more

Ramp Soup

Ramp and Asparagus Soup

Food Trend: RAMPS!!! Ramps are early spring onions that are only available for 4 weeks starting in the end of April through the end of may. Their non-wilting leaves are similar to Leeks, and their stems are like a scallion. But the taste…it’s garlicky and oniony and my favorite spring produce. Inspiration: During ramp season, I […] more

Shrimp and White Beans

One-Pot Shrimp and White Beans

Food Trend: It seems like everyone I know is using slow cookers. While I have one (that I have yet to use) I’m more into the one-pot – or in this case one-pan – meals. Quick to cook and easy to clean. Inspiration: My mother-in-law Sandy is an AMAZING cook, and naturally she has her […] more

french onion soup_270

French Onion Soup

Food Trend: The second polar vortex has made its way to NYC, so once again, soup is on my mind, and in my tummy. Inspiration: I originally made this recipe in 2012 for my annual girls holiday dinner. The theme was Bistro Classics. All modestly aside, it was the BEST french onion soup I’ve ever […] more

final lamb_270

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

Food Trend: I read an article recently listing the most popular foods of 2013 and culinary predictions for 2014. It said to say goodbye to pork belly and meet lamb belly. Though i’m not a fan of gelatinous fatty meats, I do love Lamb Chops!  Inspiration: My husband David was brave enough to make a […] more

Thai inspired chicken coconut soup

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Food Trend: Soup Soup Soup. All food magazine, blog and Instagram feeds are filled with warm, hearty, comforting soups. Inspiration: I never need a reason to make soup, but with a Polar Vortex sweeping through New York, there was only one thought of my mind for dinner. Chicken Soup, but, with a twist. Adaptation: I recently […] more

Baked Wings

Baked Chicken Wings

Food Trend: It’s Fall which means football season. And wings and football go hand-in-hand. Inspiration: One of the restaurants I work for, a southern roadhouse BBQ spot, has won best wings in NYC three years in a row. This year I worked with our chefs on creating the best wing. I observed (behind the camera […] more

squash soup_270

Acorn Squash & Cauliflower Soup

Food Trend: Squash and Gords, especially prepared in soups, are the cool kids on the block (sic. farmers market stand) during the fall. There are SO many types of squash available, how does one choose what to cook? Inspiration: It’s been a warm fall in NYC, but the first fall day in NYC with a chill […] more


Easy Homemade Pasta Dough

Food Trend: Homemade pasta is not just showing up on restaurant menus, but home cooks are adding it to their repertoire as well. Fresh pasta is relatively easy to make, it just takes time…in fact…a lot of time. But the ends here justify the means. And I LOVE pasta. Inspiration: Today, October 17th, happens to […] more

Chicken Francese

Chicken Francese

Food Classic: You can’t beat a delicious Chicken Francese when it comes to comfort Italian. Inspiration: The Le Creuset challenge begins. I LOVE Le Creuset, and I’m lucky to have a lot of pieces, ranging from Roasters, to Grill Pans, to a Gravy Boat. David (my husband) challenged me to use EVERY single Le Creuset […] more

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